Sunday, 6 December 2015

Fire on the Velvet Horizon, 'Capitualator to Curselings' CRYPTOSPIDER


Armour as unarmoured, Move 10', 1 Hit Dice, 2 hp, bite 1 damage, Morale 5


Cryptospider - AC 10, HP 3, Spd. 10ft,  +2, 1 damage (Bite),    XP  10 CR 0

S-4/D 0/C-2/I+2/W 0/C+1

Crypto-Web - The cryptospider's web captures  (per night) 1d3 memories/ideas. Roll on the  table below:
  1. Birthing memory.
  2. Childhood event/trauma.
  3. Idea you had for a book.
  4. Location of a friend's hidey hole.
  5. A dance move.
  6. The taste of exceptional/horrible food.
  7. The time you heard your mother fucking, when dad wasn't home/dead.
  8. The words to a dead minstrel's song.
  9. How to spell something in Elven.
  10. A joke that definitely made people laugh.
  11. The eyes of the man outside your window.
  12. Recipe for an eastern stew.
  13. What you did on your last blank night.
  14. A dog's pained howl.
  15. The time you dreamt a demon's true name.
  16. The time a local wizard made you forget.
  17. The bard you buried on the hill when you were in a trance.
  18. A good business idea.
  19. A weird image from a dream that would make decent art.
  20. A weird tune nobody has heard. You're not sure if it's good.
  21. Your colleague's decent suggestion about your hair.
  22. The way through the woods/caves/etc
  23. A woman pacing out 29 steps from a monkey puzzle tree.
  24. The best sex you ever had.
  25. The most tired you'd ever been.
  26. The time you made all the wrong moves.
  27. When you were humiliated by a rival.
  28. The worst pain you ever knew.
  29. The time when everybody agreed you were right.
  30. When you contemplated the unthinkable.
  31. A city in darkness.
  32. The grief of a father as his son died in his arms.
  33. The name of the man who betrayed you.
  34. The smell of the imprisoned girl's hair.
  35. Having second thoughts about burning the house.
  36. The words of power that form a spell.
  37. Your first kiss.
  38. The route you took yesterday.
  39. A nightmare about playing a ball game with a Neanderthal.
  40. The sequence, green, green, blue, green.
  41. A series of facts about local history.
  42. How to make a quality candle.
  43. Under torture, you will not reveal the importance of the Runciple Spoon!
  44. Chores for the week.
  45. Father's last words to you.
  46. What was that shape in your room?
  47. How her skin felt under water.
  48. The time you saw Alice Craggs howling beneath the moon.
  49. Digging for a lead box whilst a man with a wooden hand sneers.
  50. Your body warps,  terrible pain,  The hunger of a wolf.
  51. Watching the man's fake limp.
  52. How funny she looked in the hat.
  53. You'd do anything to not be constipated.
  54. You're not sure how your parents will react.
  55. You're sure the priest was asleep during temple.
  56. Jump right now!
  57. You know exactly how to get his attention. Fruit.
  58. Woah, those shrooms are back.
  59. The perfect play in chess/cards/etc.
  60. Cleaning a pig.
  61. You put the letter down. Can war be avoided?
  62. Staring into space,  you hear a bell ring from the woods.
  63. There is a person that is not you in the mirror.  You faint in shock.
  64. You recall page 29.
  65. The fact that there were TWO voices coming from the inn room.
  66. The most terrifying moment from the last d20 years.
  67. You only saw the map for a second,  but you see it now as clear as day.
  68. The colour of the flowers last summer.
  69. He threw a rock in the pond and something emerged.
  70. A tiny voice from the well, calls you over.
  71. Ahh, to be a bird. But how to change back?
  72. The dog bit you. But you can keep it a secret.
  73. A genius piece of music. Genius!
  74. Slowly burning your brother's books.
75-85. A mundane memory from yesterday.
86-96. The memory of your last success.
97-99. The sting of your last failure.
  00. Important campaign clue.

Replace these as they are rolled, apart from those you could sensibly re-use. Usual effect might be to grant inspiration or forbid it for a day.  DM's call on this and any other effect. Obviously, Cryptospiders are amazing for passing out leads and hooks.

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