Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Late last year, I decided I was going to try and stat out Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess' Fire On The Velvet Horizon (inspired by Patrick's vaguely toted notion of a PDF document). It's kind of fun when you get stuck into the meat of a monster description, but actually daunting to consider the beginning of another. THere's kind of a feeling like I'm trying to bind formless possibility, into something concrete....goodbye magic, goodbye the best modern goetia I've ever seen. But fuck it, it's useful to me and thus, almost certainly useful to some other schmuck.

I'm abandoning my previous abstract alphabetising process. I was still operating under the mistaken notion, that other people might be interested to help make this a project. To be honest, I can see good reasons for their reticence. And maybe these monsters aren't supposed to be used.

Then again, who decides that one myth... say that of Medusa, is somehow more viable than that of one of the weird horrors in FotVH? I've just convinced myself.

Here comes another.'s the Abhorer...a creature that actually needs no stats. Ah well, here are some anyway. What was I saying about magic?

EDIT: Pretty sure Patrick already posted stats for this. Ah well, call it another interpretation.



Armour as leather, Move 15' land,  7(+2) Hit Dice, 48 hp,  shark like bite 1d10+2 , Morale 9 .

Treasure- The luxuries possessed of by an Abhorer are usually concomitant with their position in society. Which is usually high. So king things, or lawyer things, or... whatever.

1 bite attack

Aegis of Law: Cannot be attacked, nor harmed, nor can any attack nor harm, nor impoliteness, take place around it. It may only be confronted within the boundries of the law. It may also be attacked during periods of social disorder.

Ur Barrister: May look at a city, to gain complete knowledge of all its laws. Or perhaps it knows all laws in existence--- or that will ever exist--- in any place. This is an important distinction, so I'll let you go ahead and make it.


Abhorer - AC 11, HP 90, Spd. 15ft land +6 to hit, 2d6+3 bite   CR 10, 5,900 xp

S 0/D-3/C+2/I +5/W +5/C+5

Aegis of Law: Same as above.

Ur Barrister: Same as above. Consider it to possess a +13 bonus in any contest of appropriate skills, say attempting to out debate the creature in a court of law. It also gains advantage in any such contest.

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