Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fire on the Velvet Horizon, 'Ice Age Eye to Imperator Ape' IMPERATOR APE OR EAGLE APE



Armour as chain, Move 45' land, 30' brachiating , 15(+3) Hit Dice, 108 hp,  fists 1d10+6, beak rend 1d8+6, Morale 12 (Fearless).

Treasure- The hide of an Imperator Ape is worth anywhere from 20,000 gp to a 100,000 gp. Roll a d10. 1-5 hide is mangled and unrecognisable. 6-7 20,000 gp. 8 40,000 gp, 9, 70,000gp 10 100,000 gp

3 attacks- fist, fist, beak

Immune to charm, sleep, confusion and fear effects.

Relentless- When reduced to half HP, the Imperator enters a ferocious battle fury. If the Imperator hits with either fists or beak, it may make another attack immediately with the appendage that scored the initial hit. It may do this repeatedly until it misses. This ability lasts until death.

Unstoppable- When reduced to 0 hp, the Imperator remains in the battle if it is able to make a save vs death. It rolls as a 15th level fighter.It must make this save everytime it receives damage from this point. At -50 hp, it dies regardless.

Perfect Vision- The Imperator can see with perfect clarity over any distance.


Imperator Ape - AC 16, HP 195, Spd. 45ft land, 30ft brachiating, +12, 2d8+6 fist, beak rend 1d12+6,   CR 18, 20,000 xp

S+6/D+3/C+3/I 0/W 0/C-4

Multi Attack: Two fists and a beak

Relentless-same as above.

Unstoppable-at 0hp, the Imperator may stay in the battle if it succeeds with a DC-12 Constitution save. Everytime it receives damage from this point, it must make a further Constitution save. It dies regardless, upon reaching negative 100 hp.

Immune to affects that cause charm, sleep, confusion or fear effects.

Legendary Actions

Pummel-Imperator Ape makes an attack against the nearest foe with a fist. Cost- 1 action

Swipe-Imperator Ape swats a foe off the ground with a bunched fist. Make an attack against an opponent engaged in melee. On a successful hit, damage is dealt and the target must make a successful Strength save, DC 18, to avoid being knockd prone and backwards 10 feet. Cost- 2 actions

Supreme Rush-Imperator Ape charges at a foe, up to twice its movement rate away in feet. Against that foe, tt makes a beak or fist attack at advantage. Also, until its next turn, it gains damage resistance to piercing, slashing and bludgeoning attacks. Cost- 3 actions

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