Monday, 4 January 2016

Black Triangles over Macmóhrda

Macmóhrda is a grey-green island in the middle of a cold grey-green sea. It's people are tactiturn and strange. For centuries, they were ruled by druids from the deep and tangled forests. When the Church of Metronon arrived on the Island, they proclaimed it a bastion for the Torquemadan Empire. But then the Black Triangles arrived and all  contact was lost with the Island.

At the same time, cataclysm sruck across the world as the Moon fell from the sky, breaking into pieces across the land and devastating wherever and upon whatever it fell. Were these two events connected? Nobody knows. Not for sure.

When what remained of the Torquemadan Empire returned (to lay their hands upon the copious silver of the Island...needed to combat ever increasing numbers of Were-Beasts), they found a weird peace. 12 motionless Black Triangles in the sky and a populace that seemed to ignore them.

They say the old druids are back in the woods and that they have come from the Black Triangles. The Old Druids whisper from the wood dark, but only to children. Sometimes they take the Children away.

Some of the Children they kidnap, return and do strange things like turn into giant, mega brained prawns. Prawn 'things' (not the kind they sell in Iceland to poor mothers).

These mutations are then taken removed to creches maintained by virgins. From here, they occasionally confess to their carers, how to create items of magic-rechnology never before witnessed.

The Church of Metronon is horrified. There is so much to burn here. But the natives are more than happy to attend Church. The people of the wood said it was ok. It won't make a difference.

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